Slave Dwelling Project
Natchez, Mississippi


Friday April 17, 2020 - Sunday April 19, 2020
Natchez, Mississippi
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The widely-acclaimed Slave Dwelling Project comes to Natchez, Mississippi, April 17-19, 2020, as part of a weekend event designed to bring attention to the world of the enslaved in the Natchez District. Activities will include exhibits, lectures, special tours, and an opportunity to spend the night in a slave cabin. Educator and interpreter Joe McGill founded the Slave Dwelling Project as a living history lesson as he attempts to spend an evening in every one of our nation’s last remaining slave dwellings, helping to raise awareness and preserve them for future study and understanding. This event is sponsored by the Historic Natchez Foundation, Natchez National Historical Park, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, and the Mississippi Humanities Council and is part of National Park Week 2020. All events are free and open to the public!

The weekend will kick-off Friday night, April 17 at the Historic Natchez Foundation, 108 S. Commerce, with a photographic exhibit of images gleaned from the Foundation’s ongoing architectural survey of slave-related structures in the Natchez area. Caleb McDaniel, professor of history at Rice University will speak about his book, Sweet Taste of Liberty: A True Story of Slavery and Restitution in America, the epic, haunting tale of a woman who survived slavery twice.

On Saturday morning, April 18, Historic Natchez will offer a walking tour of slave-related buildings their survey team has documented in the downtown area. The tour will begin and end at the William Johnson House, 210 State Street.

Saturday afternoon, activities will take place at the great suburban estate, Melrose, a property of the National Park Service, at 1 Melrose Montebello Parkway. McGill will speak about the Slave Dwelling Project and Mimi Miller, former Executive Director of Historic Natchez Foundation, will discuss her fascinating research into the community of the enslaved at Melrose. Special house tours focusing on the world of the enslaved will be held throughout the afternoon.

Saturday night, Joe McGill invites everyone to join him around the campfire to discuss changing the narrative of American history and addressing the legacy of slavery. After his presentation, a limited number of participants will be permitted to join McGill and spend the night in one of estate’s slave cabins.

On Sunday morning, April 19, Dr. Max Grivno of the University of Southern Mississippi will present a program on his ongoing research on Slavery in the Natchez District at the theater in the Natchez Visitors Center, 640 S. Canal Street. Prior to his talk, participants are encouraged to view the exhibit on Slavery and the Forks of the Road in the lobby.

Slave Dwelling Project - Natchez, Mississippi

For more information, call the Historic Natchez Foundation at 601-442-2500 or Natchez National Historical Park at 601-442-7049, ext. 22 or visit

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