Do you own a small (29 guest rooms/units or less) place to stay located near (30 minute drive or less) the Natchez Trace Parkway?

Types of lodging that advertise on are:
Bed & Breakfasts, Country Inns, Guest Houses/Cottages, Cabins, Vacation Rentals, small Historic Hotels

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"Nearby Lodging" is very visible on the site.

Below are the main ways that lodging can be found on

We are also active on Social Media. Especially, Facebook and Instagram. We use both to generate interest and to drive traffic to In addition, if your B&B is active on Facebook and/or Instagram we will "follow" you, "like" most of your posts, and "share/repost" some of your posts.

What does your listing on include? will display pictures and information about your property. Also included is your contact information (phone number, email address, optional website link and an email reservation request form (if your website doesn’t have an online booking system)). Your location will be included in our mapping database which means your property will appear on other nearby site (Natchez Trace sites, parkway exits, towns, etc.) maps.

The following pages/tabs will be included:

  • Introduction Page slideshow of 5 to 7 pictures, summary information, major policies (pet, children)
  • Guest Room Info/Photos guest room descriptions and photo galleries
  • Photo Gallery 15 to 30 pictures – exterior, common areas, some guest rooms
  • Location Map interactive Google map with your location in middle of map
  • Printable Map and Directions click to page from the Location Map page that has map and driving directions from the NT Parkway to your property
  • Guest Comments submitted by guests on the website or posted with their Facebook account
  • Nearby Dining/Attractions interactive Google map with your location in middle of map zoomed out to also show nearby restaurants and attractions
  • Cyclist Info Bicycle Amenities and Map/Directions from the Natchez Trace
  • Follow Us on Facebook (optional) page displays your property’s Facebook feed
  • Contact Us your contact information and website link displayed at the bottom of each page

We do all the heavy lifting to create your listing. All you need to do is pay your first year fee and we can use pictures and info from your website. We can tweak the listing together.

How much does it cost to advertise a Place to Stay?

The yearly (365 days) fee to be included and promoted on the website, printed material and social media is based on the property’s number of guest rooms or units, whether a link to the property’s website is included and the distance from the nearest Natchez Trace exit to the property’s location.

  1. The more guest rooms/units you have the higher the base yearly fee. Base yearly fee ranges from $175 to $275.
  2. Add $50 if a link to your property's website is included. Recommended if you have an extensive website and/or have online booking available from your website.
  3. Subtract a Distance Discount. The further your property is away from the nearest Natchez Trace exit, the higher the discount. Places to Stay located close to the parkway will receive more exposure, website visits and guest inquiries/reservations than those located further from the parkway.

After determining the above three cost factors, the yearly fee ranges between $145 and $345. Fill out the inquiry form in the next section and we will calculate your yearly fee.

Interested? Tell us about your Place to Stay.

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