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Mike Cooney - Topeka, KS
May 2019

Loved every minute of it. Can't wait to get back and explore some of the area that we missed.

Diane Weiss - Booneville, MS
October 2018

We ride the Trace a lot and enjoy every minute of it. Saw couple of turkeys and a deer on it today.

Renee Downing - Transylvania
September 2016

My husband and I rode the trace from Clinton, MS to just above the MS/AL state line on our Goldwing. We love the slower pace of the Trace and enjoy stopping along the way to enjoy the sites and learn more about the history of our great country and the Trace. We stayed overnight in Tupelo and visited the birthplace of Elvis while there. We have also rode the trace from Vicksburg to Natchez and back up. I don't know what it is but it seems like when you're on a motorcycle you are more observant to the things around you and the Trace is a great place to take it all in. Can't wait until our next ride on the Trace when we plan to go from Clinton to day we will ride the whole 444!

Albert Smith - Mt. Juliet, TN
June 2015

It was the best riding I have ever done. I can't imagine a better motorcycle ride. We have a Honda Shadow 750 and it was the perfect speed for my wife and I. Breathtaking scenery but watch out for deer. We started out at Nashville, filled up at the Shell Station next to Loveless Café.

Erbie - Hot Springs, AR

Been on the Trace several times, father and grandfather born in Louisville, MS. Been to Windsor Ruins, imagination will go wild looking at the columns. Decided to ride by motorcycle end to end this year and try and see it all, I know it will only be a try, so maybe will do it again to get it all in.

Dwayne - Cincinnati, OH
April 2013

I picked up the Natchez Trace at the north end in Pasquo, TN near Nashville the morning of 04/13/13 at 09:00 CST. As I rounded the entry ramp I fell in behind another group of motorcycle riders who were out enjoying the morning sun and breath taking views. The first speed limit sign I saw was for 40 MPH and I started thinking the 12 hours I had planned to ride the Trace that day were going to turn into 14 or more. From what I was seeing at the north end, this was going to be well worth my time no matter what the speed limit.

So, I settled in at the back of the pack and was just enjoying the magnificent views. It wasn't too far down the road the motorcycle group in front of me turned off onto another road and I was left all alone to enjoy the Trace. The speed limit at that point was raised to 50 mph. Cool!!!! This is what I had planned for. So, I locked my throttle down and kicked back. I looked up at the beautiful blue skies and said to myself, "Dad, I'm taking the trip you and I always talked about. I sure hope you’re enjoying this with me." Big smile!!!

The Spring flowers and trees were all starting to bloom and it was mile after mile of just unbelievable serenity. Though I saw many pull off points with interesting markers, I just didn't have the time to spend to take them in on this trip. This was turning out to be way better than I could have ever imagined. No trucks, no billboards, nobody in a major rush to get somewhere, just a nice smooth ride through breath taking country. Before I knew it, I was at the TN / AL boarder so I stopped to snap a photo of the marker and stretched my legs.

Wow!!!! I checked my map to verify the mile marker of my first scheduled fuel stop. Mile marker 303.2, then a half mile west to Pattie's. When you get to Patties, you will find an older gas pump "no ethanol" on the sign and a nice little sit down area to have lunch (pizza and sandwiches). Though I didn't stay for lunch due to time restraints, what the patrons were having looked pretty good. I commented to one of the patrons about how beautiful the ride was down the Trace and I was informed that the locals pretty much stay off of it because the speed limits are so low. Ha, good for us northern tourists. I fueled and was on my way.

The rest of the afternoon passed by with mile after mile of motorcycle riders bliss. I saw hundreds of road side pull offs to view the beautiful scenery along the way. Before I knew it, I had rolled off another 150 miles and was ready to top off my tank for the last leg of the Trace. I had planned to stop at MM 146.2 but went right past it. Yes, the Trace is that awesome!!! I pulled off at one of the scenic overlooks and looked at my market guide I had printed before the trip. Ratliff Ferry Road market at MM 123.8 was going to have to be my new fuel stop. I had to switch my tank over to reserve about 4 miles north of Ratliff Ferry Road. I pulled off the Trace and said a little prayer for an “open, working, gas station”. I had heard stories......... A half a mile later I pulled up to nice modern fuel pump with high octane fuel. As I fueled I couldn’t help but notice this was a local hot spot. There were a lot of nice looking bikes parked across the lot by the lake. Wow, yet another breathtaking view. I decided to go inside for lunch and was greeted by a very friendly staff. After an ice cold coke, a fantastic burger and fries, I was ready to roll off the last leg of the Parkway.

I had started thinking a few hours back that I would need to make this trip again, probably a few more times.. Maybe I would get to ride these 440 miles with my kids when they got a little older. I’m certainly going to mention it to them and am going to definitely make the time to come again. Hopefully, they’ll be able to join me on a future ride down the Trace. This particular ride was for my dad who passed away in 2009 before he and I could make this trip. Though we talked about it a lot, we just never made the time to take the trip. “Dad, the Trace was everything you told me it would be and more. This one was for you.” I rolled into Natchez, MS just as it was getting dark. The entire ride down the Trace took me about 12 hrs. To see all there is to see would probably take a couple of weeks or more.

Gary and Gina - Sturgis, MS
June 2013

What can I say, awesome ride every time. Love the peace of the Trace. Rode down south and enjoyed every mile! If you go that way do not miss LORMAN, MS. You have to stop at the Old Country Store Restaurant right off the Trace on Hwy 61. It is truly the best fried chicken on earth.

Sandy and David
October 2011

We live about an hour from the Trace at the Jackson, MS area, so we ride it frequently, but last Fall, during the last week of October we rode up to within 6 miles of the north terminus. The foliage was spectacular, especially north of Tupelo on. Many beautiful and interesting scenic stops along the wonderful road, such as Fall Hollow Falls, Metal Ford, Freedom Hills Overlook, and Old Trace Drive to name just a few.

Lodging, food, and fuel are not an issue if you just do a little planning in advance. The Trace is quiet with not a lot of traffic, plenty of rest stops. Watch the speed limit. It is in place for a reason. If you're riding the Trace, you should be going 50 MPH or less so you can enjoy the natural beauty.

We also love going the other direction to historic Natchez. Spring would probably be the best time to make that ride, in March-April when the azaleas and other flowers are in bloom and the pilgrimage is going on.

Jan, Ed and Alan - Knoxville, TN

My husband and I, and our friend, all rode the Trace Parkway last week for three full days. We started in Natchez, MS and ended our tour in Lawrenceburg, TN. Due to bad weather being forecast, we did not do the final 70 miles to Nashville, but the 380 miles we rode were a motorcycle rider's dream road.

No trucks, very little car traffic, plenty of historic sites to stop and read, see or refresh with a bottle of water. The gas/market guide we printed from the site, was an absolute must for finding gas stations and markets for refueling and snacks or lunch. We stayed in three B&Bs along the way, and all were wonderful, and the hosts DO welcome motorcycles. All were great accommodations, very comfortable and plenty of places nearby to go out for dinner. The southern breakfasts were just the right amount of 'fuel' to get us started back on the Trace Parkway each morning. What a great experience riding through some of the South's most beautiful areas!


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