Natchez Trace Bicycle Itineraries

Itineraries for bicycling the Natchez Trace Parkway. Cyclist(s) can use these itineraries to assist them on a "self-guided" bike trip on the Parkway.

They will be of great assistance if you are biking unsupported or supported (somebody in your group is driving a vehicle).

  • Each itinerary includes both "inside" lodging options and campground information.
  • Cyclists can use these itineraries to bike the complete Natchez Trace Parkway from Nashville to Natchez or Natchez to Nashville OR only a section of the Parkway.
  • "Out and Back" (i.e. start and finish at the same location) itineraries are also available.
  • won't accompany you on your Natchez Trace Bike Trip, but the information provided will help you find restrooms, water, food, picnic areas, bicycle shops, lodging and the "must see" sites along the way as well as the terrain (elevation) of the route, steer you to our recommended bicycle routes from the Parkway to nearby lodging (to avoid high traffic roads) and guide you around any Parkway closures on the best detour route. And, you can always This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions you may have.
  • Looking for a group to ride with and/or would like somebody to haul all your stuff, provide lunch/snack/water breaks, take care of lodging and fix your flats? Check out our Tour Guides page.
  • Itineraries are free to use. Tips are appreciated!
  • How to choose the best itinerary?

    1. Which direction do you want to bike? North to South or South to North? We have a Bike Tips article that will help you decide.
    2. How many miles a day do you like to bicycle? Keep in mind that the Parkway is smooth asphalt. Cyclists can easily bike 10 to 12 miles an hour. We have itineraries that average as little as 32 miles/day and as much as 112 miles/day.

    What do the itineraries include?

    1. Each itinerary has an Overview page. Scroll down this page to the list of itineraries.
    2. The Overview page has some basic info (ride stats) about the entire itinerary, a brief summary of each day (ride stats along with starting and ending locations) and a link to each Day Route page.
    3. Each Day Route page includes everything you need to know for that day of your trip. Included in the middle of the page is an Overview Map of the route that shows Lodging Route(s) from lodging (where you may be staying the previous night) to the Parkway, the route for the day on the Parkway and Lodging Route(s) from the Parkway to lodging (for that night). You can click on these routes to view the detailed route on the popular cycling app RideWithGPS.
    4. The RideWithGPS routes are free to use. They include elevation, Points of Interest and cue sheets (written and audible directions). You can download any of these routes to your phone to use during your bike trip!

August 16, 2023:
A 17.7-mile-long section of the Natchez Trace Parkway south of Tupelo, MS closed for road rehabilitation and paving between milepost 239.2 (intersection with MS Hwy 32) and milepost 256.9 (intersection with MS 6/US 278).

Update on December 14, 2023:
The closed section of Natchez Trace Parkway, from milepost 239.2 to milepost 256.9, has reopened to traffic.

  • Travelers should expect single-lane closures into the Summer of 2024.
    Work continues to add an additional layer of asphalt, add permanent striping, and grade the shoulder.
  • If you are biking WITH a support vehicle, you might consider driving these 17.7 miles (especially if there is a long stretch of single-lane traffic).
    Hopefully, only 2 miles or less of the 17.7 miles will be single-lane traffic at a time.
  • When cycling always wear brightly colored clothing and have both front and rear flashing lights on your bicycle.

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