Bicycling the Natchez Trace

Alabama Natchez Trace Bike Routes and Maps

Alabama Natchez Trace Bike Routes and Maps

The cycling routes and elevation profile maps provided below will help cyclists plan their bicycle ride along the Alabama section of the Natchez Trace Parkway. And, you can download any of the routes to your phone and use them to guide you while you bike! The routes were created with the popular cycling app Ride with GPS.

There are two types of routes:

  1. Parkway Routes - completely on the Parkway
  2. Detour Routes - Bicycle Route out around a section of the Parkway that is closed
  • Route maps are available in both "north to south" and "south to north" directions for Parkway Routes and Detour Routes.
Bike Routes for Alabama

milepost 341.8 - 308.9

Alabama Natchez Trace Bicycle Routes

Detour Route - milepost 321 - 303

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Route Maps

Map of Alabama Natchez Trace Bike Routes
  • Zoom in and you can see each route's path in a different color.
  • Click on the route for a quick preview.
    Then, click on View Route to access the Full Version of the route.
  • Add/remove Points of Interest with the tabs below the map.

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