Southern Exposure at Natchez Little Theatre
Natchez, Mississippi


Friday March 15, 2019 - Sunday April 14, 2019
Natchez, Mississippi


Southern Exposure at the Natchez Little Theatre every Thursday and Saturday evening from March 15th thru April 14th at 7:30 during the Natchez Spring Pilgrimage of Antebellum Homes.

It is azalea season in Natchez, Mississippi, and the annual pilgrimage of tourists is swarming through the historic mansions. In Mayweather Hall, Penelope Mayweather, a once beautiful Southern belle, is horrified by the tourists who are led through her home by an energetic guide at fifty cents a head. But the money isn’t enough to keep Penelope from the clutches of those “damn Yankees” down at the bank.

Thus when a young author, John Salguod, turns up, she is persuaded to take him in as a roomer. However, it develops that John is visiting under an assumed name because he has written a book banned in Natchez. The locals consider it a gross libel on their way of life, but it is a best-seller everywhere else....

Southern Exposure at Natchez Little Theatre - Natchez, Mississippi

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