These Natchez Trace bicycle routes are all adjacent to Timberland Park (milepost 437.2 on the Natchez Trace Parkway).

You can bike one of these routes while visiting Timberland Park - perhaps have a "Hike & Bike" day!

Loop Routes
(part on Natchez Trace Parkway, part off Natchez Trace Parkway):

Natchez Trace Parkway Out and Back Routes
From Timberland Park, bike all or part of the route

See the Overview Map below for more info about these routes:

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Please note: if you park at Timberland Park while you bike you must return to retrieve your vehicle before the entrance gate is closed:

Timberland Park Hours:
March thru October 31 - 8am to 6pm daily
November thru February - 8am to 4pm daily
Overnight Parking at Timberland Park is Prohibited
Click on the Overview Map's "Parking" Points of Interest category for additional parking options.

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