Half of this loop route is on the Natchez Trace Parkway from milepost 391 (intersection with US 412) to milepost 416 (intersection with TN Hwy 7) while the other half travels on lightly traveled country roads through the rural communities of Fly, Water Valley, Williamsport and Hampshire. The mid-section of the route crosses the untamed Duck River twice.

Drivers, motorcyclists and bicyclists will all enjoy the 58-mile-long route. Scenery in every direction around the entire route is nothing short of beautiful and is breath-taking at many locations. The route includes some small hills, a few large hills and also travels atop bluffs overlooking the Duck River Valley. On the 25 mile Natchez Trace section of the route you will see five of our Top 30 Natchez Trace sites!

Photo Gallery of the "off Trace" section of the loop.

Photo Gallery of the "Natchez Trace" section of the loop.

Food, Water, Restrooms

There are two markets available - Williamsport Market & Deli half a mile off the loop at mile 9.5 and Duck River Country Store a mile off the loop at mile 49.0. On the Natchez Trace Parkway there are two restroom stops (Jackson Falls and Gordon House).


There is a B&Bs (Creekview Farm Retreat) located on the loop. Camping is available at on the Natchez Trace for bicyclists only near the TN 50 intersection and five miles south of the southern end of the loop at the Meriwether Lewis park area (tent and RV camping).

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