Natchez, Mississippi

Downtown Natchez, Mississippi is home to several historic church buildings.

A few of the church buildings are home to exhibits and are open for public touring.

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  • St. Mary Basilica Catholic Church - Built in 1843 - 107 North Union Street. St. Mary Basilica is open to the public daily. Self-guided tour brochures are available.
  • First Presbyterian Church - Built 1828-1829 - 405 State Street. This Federal-style church, built on the site of an earlier church, is home to a congregation organized early in the 19th century.
  • Stratton Chapel, added to the rear of the First Presbyterian Church around 1900, houses 'Natchez in Historic Photographs', a collection of photographs of early Natchez from the Gandy Collection. It is open to the public daily.
  • Jefferson Street United Methodist Church - Built in 1872 - 511 Jefferson Street
  • Temple B'nai Israel - Built in 1905 - 213 South Commerce Street

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