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U.S. agents like Silas Dinsmoor lived among the Choctaw and represented their interests while implementing U.S. policy. His duties included surveying and preventing illegal settlement of Choctaw land. He also encouraged the Choctaw to be more dependent on modern farming practices. He was tasked to collect tribal debts owed to American companies and insure that the Choctaw were paid for land ceded to the U.S. The agency moved four times to stay within the shrinking boundaries of the Choctaw Nation. It was located here, along the Natchez Trace, from 1807 until just after the Treaty of Doak's Stand in 1820.

Bicyclists, walkers and joggers can access the Natchez Trace Multi-Use Trail from Choctaw Agency's parking area. Further north the trail joins the Ridgeland Multi-Use Path. From here, you can walk or bike north for several miles paralleling the parkway all the way to the Reservoir Overlook at milepost 105.6. The Natchez Trace Multi-Use Trail is being extended further south as well. This alternate route will help bicyclists avoid heavy car traffic through the Jackson/Ridgeland/Madison area.

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