Promoting Cycling and Cycling Safety on the Natchez Trace Parkway
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Natchez Trace Cycling

The mission of Natchez Trace Cycling, a non-profit cycling organization, is to raise awareness for cycling safety along the Natchez Trace Parkway (Parkway).

  • Unlike modern public highways built primarily for automobile transportation, the road through the park has no paved shoulders, and each lane is two feet narrower than the current modern standard.
  • Motorists and cyclists share the same space on the Parkway. Both bicycles and automobiles have the same right to occupy the road.
  • Posted speed limits are lower than on comparable public highways.
  • The numerous curves, changing angles and directions of sunlight on the curves, and shadowing effect of foliage present unique challenges for drivers on the Parkway.
  • Drivers who travel long distances on the Parkway or who drive the Parkway often may not be as alert as other drivers.
  • While biking on the Parkway, cyclists are encouraged to make themselves visible to motorists as much as possible.


There is no certainty that even if you take all precautions possible, a motorist will see you. Though motorists are required to observe the three-foot passing rule, be alert for motorists, particularly in more heavy-traffic areas such as Ridgeland, Tupelo, Clinton, and the Franklin/Nashville area where larger numbers of motorists use the park road to commute. An off-road multi-use trail is available for cyclists in the park through Ridgeland.

Consider three key safety features High Visibility - Lighting - Flags to make yourself and your bicycle more visible.

The Gary Holdiness Cycling Fund was established under the Natchez Trace Parkway Association (NTPA) over 9 years ago to honor the memory of Dr. Gary Holdiness.

Dr. Holdiness of Kosciusko, Mississippi was an avid cyclist, who combined his love for cycling with a passion for the Natchez Trace Parkway. While riding on the Parkway in 2012, Dr. Holdiness lost his life due to an accident involving an automobile. His family and friends created the Gary Holdiness Cycling Fund (GHCF) to continue his work of promoting the recreational use of the Parkway and to make it a safer environment for others.

Under the NTPA, the GHCF worked to study a number of proposals to make the parkway a safer riding environment for cyclists. The funds raised helped finance projects approved by the National Park Service to increase motorists' awareness of cyclists, as well as promote projects to encourage cycling on the Parkway.

In 2018 the GHCF became its own partner with the National Park Service as Natchez Trace Cycling, a 501C non-profit organization. By doing so, the board is composed of cyclists from Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

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