Bicycling the Natchez Trace
An alternative to biking the entire length of the Natchez Trace Parkway from one end to the other is biking a section of the Trace as an "out and back" route. Usually, starting at one end of the Trace, bike x number of miles towards the other end and then turn around and bike back to the starting point.

Why should you consider an "out and back" route?

  • Biking end to end in either direction is 444 miles. Perhaps you want to bike a shorter distance or maybe a longer distance. With an "out and back" route you bike however many miles you wish.
  • Finishing your bike trip where you started from can make it easier to return to transportation that will take you back home (your vehicle, airport, rental car, family/friends that will pick you up, etc.).
  • Better weather. The best time to bike the entire length of the Trace is in the spring (late March-early May) and fall (late September-early November). If your time frame for biking the Trace is in cooler weather you might want to bike "out and back" at the southern end of the Trace in order to avoid colder temperatures at the northern end of the Trace. Conversely, if your time frame is in warmer weather you could bike "out and back" at the northern end of the Trace in order to avoid hot weather at the southern end of the Trace. Average temperature differences between Natchez and Nashville can be as much as 12 degrees.
  • There are some "off Trace" loop routes that take you off the Trace along back roads and past additional interesting sites. Doing this will add some variety to the route. For example, at the southern end of the Trace between Natchez and Port Gibson is the Church Hill loop and the Windsor Ruins loop.

Out and Back Itinerary options:

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